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Old 29th May 2019
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I gave Reason 10 a try recently. I used to use it back in the day and it certainly still is a fun DAW, but I feel like it's super clunky with some things. I felt like I had to do a bunch of extra steps just to do some simple things (wiring up effects, etc) The sequencer is basic, but I think it's better than Ableton's. The mixer seems really nice at first, but the knobs are really small and I don't think has much of a "sound" to it, though it's said to modeled after an SSL. Reason sucks when it comes to controllers. Nektar seems to be the only controller that really works well with it. On the positive side, the whole daw feels like one big instrument that inspires you to go in different directions. You could Rewire it into Albleton and use them both.