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Ahh, my bad! I put the two processes together in my mind as being different flavours of the same thing.

Either way, I agree with you. I haven't bought Valhalla yet but I feel like I'm just putting off the inevitable. I tried the demo and I agree with everything you said.
Their goal with futzbox and then EC300 was to basically emulate the process of convolution without all the downsides like slow load times and high CPU. I think it largely uses dramatic EQ curves to achieve its results.

I almost immediately bought ValhallaDelay. Largely out of trust of Valhalla but also because the 5 minutes I spent with it confirmed for me it was everything I expected. When I first used it in a actual mix though I immediately wanted to swap it out for the EC300 or echoboy because I was taking longer to get the results than I was used to. I kept at it though and spent a few hours just testing it on random sources. What I found was that it really behaves in an analog way most of the time. I found that starting with the era on future, the age at 0%, and the modulation off gave me results that met my expectations then tuning those things after added the extra character I was after. Now that I know it better I don't start with them off but it is a delay that I can completely understand not being immediately excited about and think it is a plugin that makes a better lasting impression for some people than it does a first impression.