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H-Reverb? I recently re-installed some really old stuff, Albino, DiscoDSP stuff, honestly, some of sounded great, but H-reverb?

Valhalla is really special, I'm not really into their other stuff, it's good, but it's more about the control for me and there are more options for that. I ignored it when I saw, then I was working and I heard it, couldn't believe it, I'd payed for it 10 mins later. The ghost algo is great.

The bx one is interesting, it has a transient section thats really good, just for the wet obviously. It was $29 the other day too.
The bx_delay is great. I paid around $150 for that and the 2098 on top of my voucher shortly after they came out unfortunately. I've never really found the transient shaper useful. I imagine it could be good on something percussive but everytime I try it I end up turning it off.

I have to disagree a little on ValhallaDelay though. I think it is deceptively simple but far more flexible than it seems. Most of the controls change the effect behind the scenes based on the mode and then you have the era control for each as well adding up to a huge number of possibilities. Plus the style control pushes things a little further. It has beat out everything I have compared it to but I will admit that at first I was a little unsure until I got used to it and learned what to expect out of everything.