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I would strongly recommend McDSP's EC-300 in here too. Three distinct delay approaches and their "digital" mode lets you use all the IRs from the FutzBox plugin. So echoes going through kids' walkie-talkies, etc. Tons of control with regeneration and built-in ducking/compression, etc.
EC300 was my go-to delay until ValhallaDelay came out. Now I mostly use echoboy and ValhallaDelay but still use EC300 whenever I can. It's hard because I love all 3 of them so much that I feel bad when I don't use one of them. Echoboy is so flexible it's hard to pass up but ValhallaDelay just works so easily every time and I know the EC300 so well I can always get the sound I want really easy. By the way I'm pretty positive it doesn't use impulse responses. It uses the same coding as futzbox which they make a point of saying are a unique process which is why they call them SIM's.