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Hey guys,

Had a little fun today. Did a quick comparison between four mics on an acoustic guitar and thought I'd share. Used the following:

Neumann M149 (in omni)
3U Warbler 127 (omni flat)
Dayton Audio EMM-6

All going into a Vintech X73 (EQ off) -> Distressor (in bypass) -> Apollo. Completely unscientific — not level matched and the mic placement wasn't precise (~1ft. from 14th fret). Please excuse the sh*tty playing.

The Warbler is a little underwhelming at first, but it really shines when you add EQ. The Vintech's high shelf is perfect for this. I love how the M149 handles transients, but if I'm being honest, my personal favorite is definitely the EMM-6 — I'm continually amazed by how good it sounds on acoustic guitar. It's become a secret weapon for me, and best of all, it's only $60.

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1. Neumann M149.wav (4.62 MB, 2159 views)

2. Dayton EMM-6.wav (4.62 MB, 2114 views)

3. 3U Warbler 127 O Flat.wav (4.62 MB, 2134 views)

4. MCA SP-1.wav (4.62 MB, 2117 views)