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I am in Slovenija, there is one Gefell distributor, but they don't have M310 in stock... I doubt they would order it just for me to test...

Can you comment on the sonic difference between M310 and M300? Or if you have any recordings you could share?

I just bought the MKH40/30 combination, so won't be buying any mics (or anything else ) for a long time... but just for the information about M310 - it seems like a cleaner and less hyped version of M300, but also with a different characteristic...

And I don't mean to say that M300 is particularly hyped or noisy by any means - it is a great mic - just in direct comparison to MKH40 that I did it was more noisy for the dialogue recording... for music it is great... So I wondered how M310 compared...
I have not used the M 310 myself - but Gefell do have microphones that they can send out to distributors for customers to try, so the Slovenian distributor would not have to order one for stock.

I have two sets of MKH 40/30 and they are very good. I have used the M 300 as an ORTF pair, though I now use an ORTF pair of M 930 for this.

The M 300 and M 310 are unique in the fact that they have ceramic capsules (that keep the diaphragm at a constant tension, when a metal capsule can expand and contract with temperature change - also, they have Gefell's unique optical phantom power coupling. Info here).