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You can't base our entire copyright system off the cliffs notes of my entire case. [snip]
Ah. Thank you for the clarification. And no, you’re right. I’ve never had to be in an American court and certainly not in a Supreme Court. It’s disappointing to know however that a copyright system that was setup by the US government to show proof of copyright isn’t more efficient than that.

Here’s how I think it should have played out (in my head):

Judge: “Does anyone have a copyright certificate for the works in question?”

Lawyers: “Yes, your honour. We both have one”

Judge: “Which one was filed first?”

Your Lawyer: “Ours, your honour. X months before the other party fraudulently filed theirs”

Judge: “I see. Well let’s not waste anymore of anyone’s time or money here. Case dismissed. Plaintiff to pay the defendant’s legal fees.”