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In this day and age, a private soundcloud upload or something which is independently date stamped as to when it was uploaded must be infinitely better, right?
Very probably. A public release of some sort is probably even better. With that, you’re not just relying on one or two people saying “Yes, this is the work in question” but you have the organisation/company through which the release happened as a witness (so to speak) as well as the entire world (or, at least, those parts of the world who have seen it/heard it/bought it/downloaded it/whatever).

That almost certainly gives you a much stronger argument to say “Yes, I created this and released it at this time.” Of course, some lying little toerag could still come along and say “Ah, but it’s actually mine and I wrote it first!” but they’re now going to be the ones on a sticky wicket when it gets to court and someone says “Alright then - show us your proof or GTFO.”