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Yes but we in the USA have the worst legal system. Why worry about a copy right? They will just take you!

They can take you off the streets, for 7+ days , without you doing anything. Somebody only needs to "claim" you did something up to 18 months ago. Then police can detain you about it. Investigate while your locked up. No charges filed. No warrants obtained.

They do not call your work, feed your pets, nobody knows nothing.

The first responder flat out lies and calls you out as a danger to yourself. It could be for something as little as rolling through a stop sign a year and a half ago. Perhaps you didnt notice , but somebody did, and claims it 18 months later.

Gone is the world.

DUI's have changed, you can get a DUI being intoxicated next to your parked vehicle. How's that driving?

The system can completely fold in on you and get hit with Eminent Domain. The law says they can take your house and everything in it.
Just sounds like you have a lot of bad luck.