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When you say “copyright” your work. What do you mean by that exactly? This is curious to me as in the UK copyright is implicit upon creation. It doesn’t need registration. Is this not how it works where you live?
The Berne convention states that the copyright in a creative work rests with the creator at the point of creation and that no form of registration is required for this. In fact, it is normally regarded as a breach of the convention if registration is required.


When the US finally signed the Berne convention, the US Government managed to obtain some kind of derogation, such that the amount of damages and legal recourse available to creators is severely limited UNLESS the work is officially registered. So if you want to protect yourself to the full extent in the US, you need to register work there.

Of course, in either case, you do still need some form of proof that the work is yours. A pre-existing release on some other platform or some kind of voluntary registration through your local musicians union or performing rights organisation can help with this.

Sending yourself (or sending a solicitor/attorney) a sealed copy of something (sheet music or whatever) is known as “poor man’s copyright” and is, perhaps, the most common urban myth amongst musicians. It has no legal standing and is not accepted in court.

(I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve hung around with a lot of them during my life!)