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Went through these patches last night. I was primarily looking for synth & keys inspiration / timbres. This set is loaded with them, along with other great patches. Most everything had aftertouch, good velocity settings, reasonable pitch bend, etc... lot of attention to detail in these patches. I found that by converting a couple of your 'Lead' patches to Poly mode, and dinking with a handful of settings - they became outstanding Poly/Synth patches. Nice. Anyway - gauging the set by the number of keepers I'll be using -- I would give these a solid A+. Very well done, Randy - thanks!


I can't begin to thank you enough for giving us the chance and then coming here and spewing all that? Really! Just know that your words are what fuels the fire of inspiration. So, I just threw together a little demonstration song made with the OB-6 exclusively. Should be posting it sometime later today.

Thanks again Joe!