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heard that many times .. hidden mics under clothing, or rubbing against clothing that is NOT cotton .. someone mentioned this above .. starchy shirts ..

and also sounds a bit like the mic connector is not tight .. thats RF / Hidden Mic crap .. sound mixers are not as diligent as we used to be .. or it was the camera person putting on the mic'sand there is no sound person .. BUT you mentioned SD recorders, so just inexperienced Sound Mixers .. i get things like this sent to me all the time for evaluation .. and most times when i get to see the picture you can see what it is !! and most times it is from lack of experience OR lack of the BALLS to tell someone that the audio is BAd right then and there .. Stand Up and Tell Them when audio is BAD and Fix it .. and know how to Fix it !!! I never wnat anyone to say MY Name in Post !!! and they never say the Sound Mixers name unles it is a PROBLEM ...

not yelling only for emphasis ..

like you said - Never on the Boom !!! JOhnny Loves the Boom !!! BUT all this reality Crap is RF - and also was menitoned the Non-Compliant Freq's !! gettig ugly now with T MObile jumping into the Range of Radio Mics ..

cheers john