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Im considering the same - any advice? I was traumatised every time I tried to leave OSX and apple hardware over the years but I hear W10 is decent and if you spend the money you can get something good...was considering a Lenovo X1 extreme...
Not experienced with notebooks, because I wenr desktop. Bought all the PC parts and plugged it together. Hardware parts, down the mainboard, wires and cables. Build Quality standards are top notch if you buy standard hardware brands. Windows 10 is just easy, fire and forget. Very stable, very performant. For settings, under the hood you have still the old designed menus of windows xp, but there is no better performance or better multitasking or better stability on mac os anymore. These days are gone. And you get away with 50% the spendings you can invest elsewhere then.

Regarding tipps: you have to research setting up os powermanagement, a little bit about asio drivers. And you should stick with etablished brands when getting hardware.