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What problems were you having?
There are 2 threads on this board about USB audio glitches and other issues with the T2 chip related to recording. Basically I couldn't use it for 8 months and had to buy a used 2015 to record. Tried it with multiple interfaces (USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 2) and it would crackle and stutter even with no cpu load. Total nightmare, all of my friends with 2018s had the same issues. Apple never acknowledged the issue even though my case went up to senior management. Finally there was enough backlash from the music community that articles started to get written about the problems, and Apple fixed it about a month later.

Apple bug fixes are not as fast as they used to be. Something to be aware of. Now my 2018 is working great for recording since 10.14.5. BUT as of this reply (ha) I'm getting the dreaded double key press with my spacebar (faulty keyboard). Looks like I'll be getting a new keyboard soon.