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Here for the gear

Is it clear or translucent? I'm thinking your best bet for finding out exactly what it is would be if you speak fluent Japanese.

There are a few red greases on the automotive market. The red dye is there for inspection purposes to check for sufficient coverage. It doesn't appear to be an identifier. For manual restorations, I can't see the inspection benefit being important.

Virtually all greases stem from three divisions: Organic, Silicon based, or fluoropolymer. Organic greases can be doped with particulates (Lithium, Molybdenum, Teflon PTFE, etc.).

For both radial and slide pots, my go to lubricant is silicone faucet grease. At about $4.00 (1 oz tube at Home Depot) per ounce, it's too expensive for manufacturers, so they would look for a cheaper alternative. But for restorations, considering that a 1 oz tube is good for over 100 pots, it's cost effective.

The grease is clear, very thick, and has a sticky quality to it. It gives both slide and radial pots that knife-through-butter feel, though I wouldn't recommend it for motorized pots. It also will not oxidize or absorb contaminants over time, unlike organic greases.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but hope it helps.