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Old 24th May 2019
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Vari Mu - Vocal Help

I have been enjoying a vari mu compressor and have a question regarding a specific vocal issue I have encountered.

There is a peak at around 2.08 in the linked, downloadable vocal track that my comp misses with the result being an increased peak due to the overall volume increase. I don't believe the vocal issue, which is a loud "I" after a pause, is that uncommon.

I only have one model vari mu, am wondering if my next comp should be a faster vari mu comp or another type (not keen on VCA) that does not sacrifice sound for speed. I don't really want to have to chain a second comp (1176) before or after my comp to address the peak and I would prefer to use hardware vs software.

If anyone downloads and runs the file; how do your vari mu, optical, etc. comps handle the peak?

What comps are worth a try?