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[I]If i could find an oled screen with holes...
A better idea: next generation OLED panels that will let you machine them without destroying them. Then you can buy a large panel and drill it for your particular knobs. [Of course that doesn't answer the other question about this product working with a Waves one-knob compressor and also with some of the more-knob-than-you-can-count algorithmic reverbs. Perhaps the OP can chime in on this one?]
It would be great to have oled that could be drilled.
Why wouldn't be working with Waves?
In Novation's automap and it scans the plugins and finds their available parameters and maps them to their controller. The plugin exposes all available controls to the DAW.
In regards to a complex plugin with many many controls, the product could have pages (like the bcr2000 has) and go in the next page, of course, it would change the background.

Another idea is this. We can create an intermediary virtual controller that will be running and be displayed on the computer, outside the DAW, not a plugin.
So, it would be like simulating this "controller". The trick here is that it would look exactly like, let's say the bcr2000 or the mackie C4. And then all the controls on this virtual controller will be mapped on the actual controller.
So the "virtual controller" would look like this
It's just that this is not a universal solution and it will work with just the controller the template is made for. Perhaps if it was like an open source thing, people would go and make templates.
But, on a second thought, c'm on this is 2019. There must be a way...