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I think this is part of the Wisdom of yesterday creeping into today, even though it's not relevant.

Years ago, having your computer on the internet would hog resources potentially. Having a web browswer open even would potentially bog your system. Additionally, the need for anti-virus software (at one point on Mac and PC, now just PC) kept it a liability. Also OS 9 had horrid virtual memory management. On PC's that often have IRQ issues, disabling the modem/ethernet was one way to free up an IRQ for your PCI device.

No longer. Asides from when I've been in transition to a new place, i'm trying to think of when my computers HAVENT had internet access. No problems created from it. No Virus software running (OS X rocks). No anti-spyware junk needed.

Keep it hooked up to the net if you like. Or not if you like.

If your engineers goof off online during sessions, then keep it off. If clients want to burn time, then just consider the internet to be paying for itself.