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Sorry, no. For starters, I don't "perceive" this, it's a rather well-known and glaring fact. Second, I don't simply dislike these allegedly "best" movies because they disagree with my political views. Part of (I repeat, part of) why I dislike them is because they are shoving their political views down my throat. It has nothing to do with whether I agree with them or not. But also they are often not good movies at all, yet being touted as such.

Didn't think that invalid analogy would take long to appear. Movies aren't music. Also apples aren't cheeseburgers. Also I don't have to pay for music since there's this thing called radio (including online stations) that I can listen to for free.

You seem to have somehow missed that I was speaking generally; despite it being increasingly common, not ALL movies are like that. There are good movies out there which don't do this (or at least do it to a far lesser degree). Unfortunately, it's generally impossible to know which is which without seeing them. And since I am not supporting them with so much as a single penny and immediately dismiss such crapass movies when it becomes clear that's what they are, I am standing by my principles.
So it's fine to watch any of the "good movies out there" and not pay for them?....and I'm sorry but the comparison to music is an accurate one......there is some, in fact a lot of, music out there which is awful' however that doesn't justify not paying for the good Music, the music you're not actually displaying ANY principles, in fact it seems like the opposite, you are bragging about getting something for nothing.