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This is what I was referring to but it is only an Encoder not a Decoder
Oh yea -- I knew about that... Very interesting -- I wonder if they actually implemented the DolbyA detector design -- that is the *big secret* that keeps DolbyA from creating distortion worse than it already does. R Dolby was an absolute genius.

Back in the day, I have heard (from reliable sources) that they used a DolbyA for vocal enhancement (like on Karen Carpenter.)

Just putting together a fast FET compressor (or direct software equivalent) without the 'special touch' -- or something equivalent -- in the DolbyA would not be a pretty thing. So, using the precise design in the DolbyA would be a good start for a vocal enhancer -- and maybe do a few things different to optimize. An A301 would probably be great, because maybe disabling some of the bands might be a good thing -- it seems like 20-80 and 9-20k bands might hurt more than help?

My 'decoder' cannot encode, so I cant test the hypothesis, but it would seem that compression in the 3k-20k band (or 3k-9k band) would be sufficient. The 9k-20k seems like it MIGHT be undesirable? Oh well, I am sure that the guys/gals selling the product have made good decisions.

The 'encoding' side does interest me -- but I have a personal (emotional) reason for NOT actually doing an encoder. (The old tapes should be recovered, but seldom should more be created.)