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The Electribes let you have different step lengths per bar within a 4 bar pattern?
Not different per bar, each bar will be the same. But you can choose less than 16 steps. For example, in the video below this guy set the step count to 11 and he has 8 bars in the pattern. So you'll see the bar light advance after 11 steps within each one.

@ 5:52 when he presses play:

Originally Posted by DiscoDevil View Post
I realize you're probably not actually looking for workarounds to the issue but unfortunately, work arounds are how most stuff gets done on the SP-16.
Yeah, I'm not trying to complain (too much), I like the SP-16. It sounds great and it is easy to use.
I'm just a bit confused about why the Electribe way isn't more of a standard for step sequencers. The people who play in 4/4 all the time would never notice a difference. But occasionally when I want a triplet feel, or some odd step count, it would make it a lot easier to visualize each bar when composing a beat. Technically there's no difference regarding what gets played, the sequencer is still going to count to X steps for a pattern then repeat. But it is adjusting the visual feedback from the machine to be more user-friendly in my opinion.

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