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Originally Posted by chaseblissaudio View Post
Could someone clue me in as to what modular audio levels generally are (I know it probably depends on a lot of factors). I'm guessing it's a few volts peak to peak.
To my knowledge

-10 dBv (consumer line level) = 0.895v p-p
+4 dBu (pro line level) = 3.473v p-p
normal modular audio level = 10v p-p
peak modular audio level = 20v p-p

-10 dBv = -7.78 dBu
10v p-p = +13.2 dBu
20v p-p = +19.2 dBu

So yeah, of course line level is much closer to guitar level than eurorack is. Probably that would be A LOT of stuff not needed in a pedal box and that would drive size and cost.

Thinking about that, I´d say it´s more practical for now to keep things separated, do the conversion with available i/o modules and just find a nice way to mount pedals in a rack. The ones I own, some of them would even fit eurorack, but many eat 3U of 19" rack just for the box (and more with cabling on the top) - so wouldn´t fit Euro.

Looking at racking CBA, first bonus is audio i/o on the sides, that doesn´t ask for another U in the rack. Given that the DIP switches are on the top, it´s probably a bad idea to mount them flush to the other panels. So I start to accept the idea of just a plain rack panel with velcro and then build a vertical floorboard... let´s call it rackboard then