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Arranger/song mode, of course it can be done. Making patterns one measure long will use up your pattern storage 4x as fast though, plus make composing and editing tedious. It's a waste of effort, might as well just make patterns 48 steps long and deal with the "down beat" being weird when you change through the 4 page/measure buttons.

Anyway, my point is what is the musical advantage of NOT doing it the other way? The Electribes work perfectly like this. In the 12x4 example you have a pattern that is 48 steps long either way...the ONLY difference is how it gets displayed on the buttons. It doesn't change anything about 4/4, so it's a win/win for everyone.

The Electribes let you have different step lengths per bar within a 4 bar pattern? I can see how it would be easy to implement in just midi but when you're trying to do real time timestretched audio, I could see this being a mess. Dunno. I'd just do 4 separate patterns of whatever length you want and then sample the audio that's generated from that and work with just the audio. I realize you're probably not actually looking for workarounds to the issue but unfortunately, work arounds are how most stuff gets done on the SP-16.