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Does Izotope cares now about previous Exponential Audio Customers?

Is there any change about licensing?

I got a broken iLok (not my fauilt, just stopped working) and i wont pay any cent to iLok/Pace whatever, no 49$ recovery fee and/or 55$ shipping from europe.

I guess i wont be able to use all the software anymore i got on the iLok but i would be very grateful if there is any option that i still can use Phoenix and Excalibur i`ve bought a few years ago.

You'll be able to use all of your stuff, but you are going to have to report the iLok as broken and probably return it to PACE. PACE will replace any broken iLok (along with all the licenses on it) at no charge. I don't know anything about shipping charges ($55 sure seems high). But you won't know anything until you start a ticket with PACE. That's not an iZotope policy; it's a PACE policy and it was the same under Exponential Audio.

Once you get the license situation straightened out, you can easily move your Phoenix and Excalibur licenses to your machine. You won't need the iLok for them. That's a change we instituted about 6 months ago.