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My guess is somewhere in between

Since you only have 2 outputs and likely don't want to invest the money in an 8+ channel DA and an equal number of speakers (at least 8 to start), you'll be working with headphones and binaural rendering of your ambisonic master. For starters, you'll want to use Reaper and the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation as the foundation of your ambisonic mixing and monitoring. Download their free software and watch a bunch of tutorial videos, and join the 360 Spatial Workstation group on Facebook if you can. There are people working on integrating head-tracking headphones, or a device you can add to any headphones for head-tracking, but without spending any money the easiest way to simulate head-tracking is with the 360 "magic window" that you pan around with your mouse.

You can also download the free packages from Blue Ripple Sound (o3a Core), Aalto Sparta, and IEM. That will give you all the tools you need for now.
Cool, thanks Over-Man. I look forward to getting started.