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@ chrisj from AirWindows might be interested? Although he does GUIless plugins...
If it would help convince someone who was REALLY considering doing an interface for the decoder, I can provide many fantastic examples (imagine ABBA without much audible IMD produced during decoding -- material from ABBA was some of my worst case test material because of the mixed/choral vocals -- almost perfectly hitting the ltricky places for DolbyA.)

I have a lot of (legally obtained) leaked 'pop' material from (mostly) the 1970s, but some from the 1980s -- and just a little bit from the 1960s for quick demos. Some of the results are incredible, some are 'okay'.

The DHNRDS truly sounds a lot like a DolbyA -- with less modulation distortion.

(caveat about the highest quality modes -- a lot like a soft focus on a camera, the slgiht fuzz of a the true DolbyA HW -- or the DHNRDS running in one of the lower quality modes, can sometimes be a good thing -- also, the higher quality modes on the DHNRDS do motivate towards using more precise calibration than can be attained by matching calibration levels.)

The DHNRDS was really written (sometimes with some pain) to be somewhat timing accurate also. The input/output timing error (file start/file size) is in the several sample range (a little worse at 192k, but still AFAIR, in the 10 sample range -- maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.) The vast amount of math and transforms/etc, made the program a bit tedious in regards to precise input/output timing alignment. WRT the actual internal timing WRT the gain control/audio -- it is dead-nuts perfect. We tried to make it as easy as humanly possible to deal with multi-track issues -- and it was a very tedious endeavor to get the timing alignment as close as it is --actually it might be in the several sample range at 96k -- but I truly do not remember right now.