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Have to agree with a lot of what rkopald said, but I'm biassed(sic) because I have them too. I find them very accurate and easy to judge your mix balance and finer elements on.

But price wise they are in the same price bracket as the Adam A7X's, not twice as much. You might be thinking of the higher end ranges.... Solo B's etc.?
He most certainly means the original A7s, which is what I had, which were around I believe 900-ish for the pair, so the old, single port A7s were about half what the A7X's are. But yes, for the new A7X they are like 200 bucks within each other. But the Focals. Wow. I have a feeling a lot of the new gear is insane.
I still have an old pair of Grado SR325s, not "E", just 325s, and they beat out all my current cans, including AT, and Focals. The Focals are good but they keep breaking! But honestly, the Focals give the Grados a run for their money. I really want to hear the new Audio Technica open back deals. R70X, I believe. Open back cans are heaven, but if bleed is an issue they're non-starters. I've still used them to record and tried to stay far away enough from the mic that the bleed wasn't an issue. I've had to get very creative with my editing sometimes. But I don't care because they sound so good. We live in golden age of audio monitoring.