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Old 23rd May 2019
Here for the gear

Hi LilQuestionAsker,

I recently bought the Discrete 4 and had some crackling issues with it on Windows 10, decided to upgrade my motherboard to gigabyte z390 designare with built in TB3 ports, via a Startech TB2 cable into Apple TB2 > TB3 adapter; Works great! The only thing off putting is that the AFX2DAW Windows 10 plugin isn't out yet, as I purchased the product based on the marketing that I will be able to use these plugins in Ableton. I have not suffered as long as a lot of people have who are waiting for the plug, and it seems as if its coming out soon.

As for the quality of the device: I have had some issues here and there with crackling or the audio turning into a metallic robot, which seems to have disappeared with the latest TB Windows 10 beta driver. The device itself sounds great. Lovely conversion, preamps, and the AFX plugins sound great. I have used some of them (from within the antelope mixer, not DAW) for tracking vocals. The unit itself seems very solid and well built. If they solve this Windows 10 AFX2DAW issue that would eliminate my only surviving gripe!

I used to have a UA Apollo Duo rack, which I ended up selling due to financial reasons. I was attracted to Antelope because of the free premium AFX pack included with the Discrete 4. I spent way too much money on my UA plugins and was not about to shell out several thousand more to jump back into the UA ecosystem - nothing against UA, their plugins sound amazing and its a quality piece of gear, but too rich for my current situation.

I would recommend this unit, but if you are running Windows 10, be forewarned that using the AFX plugins for mixing is a pain in the ass currently, until the AFX2DAW Windows 10 driver is released. Other than that, very solid interface, works great on Thunder Bolt for Windows. Their support is really quick to respond as well.