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The template for a score mix is much like the template in re-recording in that food groups are kept completely separate until the end. So a 5.1 for booms is being fed audio of boom elements and mixed as a 5.1 all the way through and printed down in an audio track before being bussed to a 5.1 audio track that results in the reference 5.1 mix (6MIX) where it is combined with everything else (say a 5.0 of Orchestra and a 5.0 of Piano.)

I would not send a separated LFE track (a 5.0 + LFE). The LFE belongs to the 5.0 that is the "Boom" 5.1 audio track. That sound might have its main elements in the L and R, a reverb wash to the Ls/Rs, and a send to the LFE for emphasis. A boom/hit/clang has lots of elements to its composition and it's a 5.1 that belongs together.

If the re-recording mixer finds the LFE out-of-control, they have the option of reducing that part of the overall track. Re-recording mixer's prerogative.
Hopefully the score mixer is consistent enough that the re-recording mixer can do a global fix on the whole underscore stem buss if there's a balance issue like that and then only has to adjust for story-telling elements.
The point is definitely not to have the re-recording mixer remix the score. They've got enough to do and the music score has already went through a lot of approvals.