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By 'booms' are you talking about low percussion, or some other type of musical or synth effects? I would think anything that LFE-specific would always need to be treated on its own by the re-recording mixer and not too heavily integrated with the regular musical elements. Not so?
Booms in this sense are part of the musical score (not sfx). They could be loud, low percussion, synthetic elements, heavy metal thrashes/clangs, etc. They are not necessarily in the LFE (depends on the score mixer) but most likely these are the elements that would be if any. A score mixer should keep them separate on delivery in the splits for delivery to the re-recording mixer.

Keep in mind, these are music cues that are approved by the director and are within their vision and the booms have a balance to the rest of the score. [however minds change on a dub stage]. So they are part of the score as also a musical punctuation. And they may not be in the LFE at all but, by being separate, it gives the re-recording mixer the option to send some of that to the LFE if that's what's desired at the stage. Pick any of the (last of) Tony Scott's films and you will hear the score's booms tracks trading off/on with the sound designers sfx booms, etc. Each creates a hole for the other depending on priority/continuity.

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