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As a score mixer, I usually have a conversation with my re-recording mixer a month out if possible. And then send what I expect my delivery template is going to be (even if a music editor is going to be on the stage or running a separate underscore Pro Tools system.) Goes back to when we used to reserve channels on the desk and DIA and SFX get started on the stage way before music is ready. But it also gets the re-recording mixer prepared for what they are going to get.

Something like:

6MIX (5.1)
Orch (5.1)
Gtrs (LCR)
Vox (5.1)
Pads (Quad)
Booms (5.1)

1+5 Tracks, 25 channels needed

(6MIX as the full mix can be deactivated to save voices but is there for reference)
Sometime we have a quick conversation and it's just "I'll have 40 channels held for you"