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Here for the gear

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..or to a lesser extent Cherry Audio Voltage Modular for that.
Why is Voltage Modular applicable to a "lesser extent" than VCV?
I get that Softube has teamed up with Doepfer for developing modules and that the modules are more true to the EuroRack standard, but it's a closed system, even if it looks good. The price for the modules are also much higher than for other systems.

I feel that Voltage is more true to a real world modular synth than any other.
And the fact that Voltage Modular can be run both as a stand-alone application, and as a VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin and comes with a free Module Designer that lets anyone with some programming skills create and design their own modules and even sell them on the CherryAudio web store also makes it a really nice alternative.

To quote a Gear News review:
It’s a virtual Eurorack environment. It’s funkier and freer than Softube Modular and simpler and more compatible than VCV Rack and so has every opportunity to make a name for itself as a virtual modular synth.