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I'm considering the beyers. What specifically was underwhelming about them? Do you have other ribbons your prefer?
I just didn’t find their frequency response pleasing to me. You may like them, but I prefer my sm81s for flat natural capture, and I did buy a pair of km184s recently. I find them much more sonically pleasing than the mc930s... go figure.

My friend who actually owns the Beyers sometimes still prefers his RØDE nt55s!?! I wouldn’t go that far, but the Beyers are definitely a regrettable purchase for him. Come to think of it, he let me borrow those mics before telling me he hated them, so we both came to this conclusion independently. Not sure if he found the off axis pick up troublesome as I did, but I am much happier with my SDCs than with those. Just my opinion based on my experience with them, on a couple different sources, in a few different rooms.

They might be exactly what you are looking for though, plenty of people love them. If money is tight, you may want to buy them used so you can sell them without a loss if they don’t suit you.