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Originally Posted by jjeffers View Post
Pro Tools uses function keys extensively for switching tools.
I completely understand your pain in that case.

A bunch of standard Mac stuff I use is also mapped to function keys. Display brightness, volume, play start/stop, window switching, etc. I want real keys I can use by feel, not something that forces me to look away from the screen to figure out where I need to press on a glass panel.
Ah. I tend to think of the system functions as being distinct since you have to press a modifier to toggle between them and the true function key behavior. Frankly, I find the Touch Bar shines for all the system features. Instead of tapping away at brightness adjustment keys or holding them and hoping to release at the right time, you can touch them and drag sideways to adjust volume and brightness with much more precision.

Better yet, there are a ton of context-specific behaviors that show up. Type a command in Terminal and there’s a man page “key” visible without having to memorize the layout. Start debugging in Xcode and all the stepping behaviors are readily visible. Playing back audio or video? There’s a scrubber bar. Selecting colors, you can see the spectrum laid out. It’s really much more useful than I expected.