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Anything that adds girth in the lows/low mids will have the effect of "monoing" a mix.

Sometimes that sounds cool, I am sometimes bemused by peoples obsession with having mixes sound as wide as possible, to the point of even using M&S proceeding to boosts the side signal.

Not to mention as a recent survey of family and friends I could find a single person who listens to music on a stereo anymore!

I'm spending hours panning instruments to perfection and everyone I know is listening to music on mono streaming devices like Alexa and Sonoris.

Have we reached a point we're doing all this for no other reason than reaching the peak of Maslow's triangle!
Eh, my mix bus is six+ stages of transformers from Aurora, Neve, API and CAPI (eight+ if you count the B32 and B2 ADC) before the Vari Mu. It's very, very colored but the Vari Mu IN all but deleted the periphery. Vari Mu OUT meant no more gooey squeeze but the air leaking out of the edges of the frame are alive and well. I prefer the latter.

Those flecks of shapes and light at the edges are important to me, and I have no interest whatsoever in mixing in service of the race to the bottom of consumer listening devices. Translation is important but I'm not going to skip out on the details just because some or even most people listen with basic stuff. That's tantamount to shooting a film in lossy 1080p because it'll end up being streamed.