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Low End Rumble Coming from Bluebird Mic

Blue Bluebird mic circa 2010.

After about 10 minutes of being plugged in and receiving phantom I am getting a huge sub low rumble with intermittent bursts of energy in the same range.
(photo attached)

The problem seems contained to that region and is somewhat transparent with a steep HPF around 100 Hz

It may be one of 50 different things, but I'm not much of an electronics wiz, so before paying to repair or replace I just wanted to make sure it's not a common and simple issue resolved with a soldering iron or xlr swap etc.

The answer to my question may be "just get a new one" or "take it to a repair shop", but I was wondering if there's an easy answer I'm just not aware of.

The attached image is basically just ambient room noise with the preamp cranked to demonstrate the issue clearly. No "musical" signal

Thanks in advance.
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