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I want PHYSICAL function keys, and especially the Esc key. The touchbar totally sucks for touch typing. It’s everything I hate about typing on a tablet or phone. I cannot stand the fact that Apple forces it on you for everything but the lowest-end 13” MBP.
It would be great if they’d offer the option as build-to order for every model, no question. The Escape key is something of a nuisance, I’ll grant you, but the function keys have to be of value to a somewhat specialized community. I certainly don’t miss them in the least as I can’t remember the last time I used them routinely on a Mac. What app do you use where they’re a normal part of your workflow?

The feel of the keyboard is interestingly polarizing, very much like keyboard action in the musical sense I assume, in that some love playing on keyboards I can’t stand and vice-versa. I find the current MacBook Pro keyboards to be quick and easy to type on so clearly YMMV.