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If it wasn't for my 12 string guitar, my children would never have been born.

There is likely others that have had similar circumstances?

Anyway, this is my story.

I met a girl. Sweet for sure. So being able to play guitar in a basic level is always a good pull for women. 12 string, more so because you don't need to play that great for it to sound good . We went out together for around 3 weeks.

Perhaps we drank too much, dunno. But we had a falling out. We both realized that we were different people with different ideas. We broke up. No harm done.

So, the next day I woke up, and after coming to terms with a little bit of a heart-break, I realised that I left my guitar at her place. Not just any guitar, this was my first guitar - purchased around 40yrs ago now. Well, there was no way I way going to lose that guitar.

I rang her up. "Perhaps we have been a bit hasty, and maybe worthwhile to give it another go". I was only interested to get my guitar back. You do what you have to do.

She agreed to meet again.

Then we had a few drinks and "got it on". Got back together (with pure stupid love), but mainly I was happy that I got my guitar back!!! oooohhhhhh. 9 months later, my daughter was born, then my son, and the rest is history.

Well, we are no longer together, but I still have that 12 string guitar as a reminder. It's very precious to me now even more so. Of course now my children are WAY more important. But the guitar still remains there as a reminder.

I bought my daughter (16yo) a nice 6 string guitar last week. She is doing good because she wants to learn. I do wonder if I'll ever tell her that the reason she exists is because of that 12 string guitar in the corner of the room.

Gear Slut Indeed!!!. Other similar stories welcome please.

Cheers, Steve.

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