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Have you tried the 2019 version of the keyboard? They've reworked it and are offering to trade out the keyboards on 2018 MacBook Pros for the newer keyboard, so they must be convinced it's worth the trouble. I'll certainly be finding out when I have a chance.

I quite like the Touch Bar after being initially skeptical. I wouldn't say I'm convinced it's worth the cost but it is surprisingly useful.
Whether they’ve finally fixed the problems with the keyboard or not is irrelevant to me. I hate the feel of the butterfly keyboard. The extremely shallow key travel and stupid layout of the arrow keys is the same. It’s unpleasant to use, even if it is finally “fixed”.

And I want PHYSICAL function keys, and especially the Esc key. The touchbar totally sucks for touch typing. It’s everything I hate about typing on a tablet or phone. I cannot stand the fact that Apple forces it on you for everything but the lowest-end 13” MBP.

If I could get the keyboard from the 2015 MBP back, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. I can work around the other complaints I have about their design choices (thermal issues because it’s too thin, lack of ports) but the keyboard is just terrible, and I refuse to spend thousands of dollars on a product that is going to piss me off every time I use it.

BTW, I have had extended experience with it, so I’m not complaining with no frame of reference. My company gave me one. I used it for about 2 months before I begged them to give me an older MBP instead.

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