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I don't think (any) gefell will sound similar to MKHs. There is nothing like MKHs other than MKHs . At least to my knowledge.

Even schoeps is more noisy and lighter sounding than MKHs.

I'd say the "tilted" nature of M300 can be a good thing for dialog/voiceover type things. For SFX gathering it's really not though, I miss the lowend and rich lowmids of MKHs for that.

For me M300 is a good tool for recording instruments where you want certain character and either play with the proximity effect or use the tilt in your advantage (mixing decision really).

Out of the whole MKHx0 line, if I'd have to pick one to have (desert island type of situation), I'd go for MKH80 (or MKH800). It's super clean (feels less noisy than MKH60 or MKH30), high output, variable patterns. It's side address, so not really ideal for dialog recording on set unfortunatelly.

So I'd say used MKH40 or MKH50 is the better option for you.