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Be advised that tape restoration guru, Richard Hess, is working with John, so, he probably is on the right path.

Though not as auspiciously as 'Dyson', 'Hess', also, synchs right up to 'Dolby'...

"Hess" = 77 (Francis Bacon)
"Dolby" = 77 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Hess" = 23 (Septenary)
"Dolby" = 23 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"DHNRDS" = 223 (Francis Bacon)
"Dolby A" = 2203 (Reverse Squares)
(0 doesn't 'count')

Also, here's another thread on this phenom from 2011:
My DolbyA compatible (not sanctioned by Dolby) decoder project started as a side effect of the search for the answer -- so happy that I just got a specific answer after so many years.

People working with me on the DHNRDS DA decoder are working on the *decoder* not on the 'windmill tilting' search for the reason for DolbyA leaking into consumer hahds.

PS: the DolbyA compatible decoder, when it comes to distortion (stuff like IMD) and clarity of transients, etc -- is fantasitc -- recovering almost the original input to the DolbyA at the beginning. On my tests, even of material not used for testing during the development -- sounds very similar to (but cleaner than) the original hardware.

Bad news about the decoder: it is NOT easy for consumers to use. I have always vehemently hated writing GUI software, so the program is command line, and requires tedious calibration if the 'DolbyA' tones are not available.

But -- THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pointer on where the leaked DolbyA material comes from. We are starting a Telcom C4 decoder project -- it has gotten a slow start, but when it starts moving more quickly -- it will probably start working in about 1 month (I have learned A LOT and developed a LOT of technology during the DA development.)