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totally different sound and quality

JH24 is very colored and dark sounding IMO. It is also sort of high maintenance from what I recall. A827 is very clean, very quiet and very precision. JH24 is more rock and roll sounding. It is fat and more in your face. A827 is more spacial IMO and has more depth (subjective term). Musically they are both great, just different. If you get the JH24 buy a second one for extra parts.
I respectfully disagree with this Chris.. (despite the fact that the 827 is very clean).

I had a JH24, had a Studer C37 (and worked on other Studers as well as other mci's, Ampex, M79's)..

Mind you the mci's were Mara Machine MCI.. in my experience very reliable, it has a colour indeed, but a very "musical" one for lack of better terms. Very FAT sounding.. just right for my taste..

In the end is a matter of taste of course, but if the JH24 is from Mara, you don't have to worry too much about reliability. (and as Riot127 said the parts are still avalaible from mouser, etc).

What he did is clever, he bought spare Motors and other parts that might be difficult to get in a distant future, so he's well covered.
we're speaking about 40+ years old machines.

And for the record, I do a preference to have one without xformers (MCI JH24), imho it has a bigger lowend..
And I do love xformers and are mostly beneficial in some areas.. but my experience is that the jh without xformers sounds "better".

just my 0.02$,