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I am assuming by now you've already found something of a solution for your original post. If not, then this is for you as well as anyone who may come across the same issue and wonder why it's not working.

I've noticed with RC 300 tempo map that it doesn't really align with anything. I know this as I will record something on a DAW and then import it into the looper to test a theory I had and low and behold it's off... and you can audibly tell (which is bad).

It's also the master of anything you throw at it. So syncing it to your DAW won't work unless you sync your DAW to it. That's another post entirely.

So if anyone finds themselves unable to put their backtracks on their RC 300 for a fuller sound... I recommend recording the "tempo map" (of the whole song) INTO your DAW (record the click basically using a sub or line out on your looper)... and then line it up the best you can (important) to hit the zero mark of your DAW grid. You may have to magnify the track to see the hit point. Then after that, tempo detect the entire track so that your DAW now is in line with the RC 300's click that you recorded earlier.

You now have a mapped out tempo track of the specified BPM you need for your song

I personally recommend, after this, to import your tracks into the project and let your DAW set the newly imported tracks to match the groove of your grid's new tempo map.

You can go further if you like by finding a way from here to loop directly onto your DAW but I wouldn't recommend that at all.

I do hope this helps whoever needs it, as well as you that posted about it 5 years ago

Oh and if this is dumb and pointless I'll gladly delete it, no questions asked. I just know that I would wanna come across this if I were searching for how to sync my DAW to my looper. Bottomline you can't. But there's always an alternative