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Buffer of 64?

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Thank you so, so much!

Open project with no plugins not playing back.

10 core i7 custom ADK build on it's knees at 64 with 8-12 percent activity in all logical cores and CPU at 50 to 60% with intermittent 100% spikes.

Bam! CPU sitting at 3 to 5% and all logical cores with PT affinity at 1% at buffer of 32.
Using even the latest, greatest Pro Tools 2019.5, I've found that no matter how high-spec a PC or Mac is configured –so much so that it will yield impressive Cinebench and GeekBench scores; nothing will bring a system to its knees faster than going below a buffer of 128. Even in a lowly 24/44.1 mostly MIDI setup.

Which is absurd, but something we all must deal with until Avid rewrites its code, and giving their IT engineers free hand in coding in function over social media add-ons. In other words, a baseline that is as good or superior in basic recording and playback stability as Logic X. As much as I hate using Logic X, GD that DAW is stable and multithreaded.

Got full stop today with this setup: It's all MIDI channels with 3 VEP instances, 1 buffer each. See attachment.
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