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Talking about the pre-emphasis issue -- the DolbyA and pre-emphasis issues are different problems.

I have a Dropbox repository of numerous examples -- some Polar music decoded DolbyA material, some material decoded by me, some undecoded, etc, etc, etc.

Below is a pointer to a Dropbox repository. SORRY ABOUT THE MP3 -- I can supply .flac for anything in the repository.

One of the examples is '99 Red Balloons' from Nena. This recording had BOTH the CD pre-emphasis issue and DolbyA. I produced a step-by-step dissection:

Direct from CD:
01-99 Red Balloons-undecodednoDEEMPH-60.mp3

CD deemphasis added:
01-99 Red Balloons-undecodedyesDEEMPH-60.mp3

DolbyA decoding added:
01-99 Red balloons-decoded-60.mp3

That specific CD had BOTH the CD pre-emphasis and DolbyA encoding. Before suggesting that the material is not DolbyA encoded -- listen to the before and after.

There is also a very obvious improvement on the undecoded vs decoded version of ABBA's 'The Day Before You Came'.

DolbyA encoding doesn't just cause a shrill sound (handled by a bit of EQ), or a compressed high end -- it also flattens the stereo spatial imaging. Proper decoding restores the stereo imaging.

Example repository: