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Lives for gear

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Don't forget a lot of listeners who might use those mono boxes, also use headphones, on which you can generally (quality dependant of course) always appreciate the stereo width.

Don't forget the car too, and I'm sure there are still lots of listeners that appreciate good quality audio from good quality audio equipment.

But regardless of that, don't forget that we also do this for the art and self satisfaction, and if you're not satisfying yourself, you won't believe that you are satisfying listeners.

The other point I think a lot of people forget about when they mention listeners using poor quality equipment is, if your music sounds crap to begin with, it don't stand a chance on low quality playback systems. So there's still a reason to aim high.
I agree with you on one point. I do this to satisfy my own high standards first and foremost.

In my case it really is art for arts sake.