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I love recording Drums on the Mci JH-24, makes the entire process easy to record and mix. As tape has a bit of compression and eq. The JH-24 has a sound that’s great for Rock n Roll!

Studers imo have a cleaner more polished sound that’s a bit more Hi-Fi. They sound great.

Personally I rather own an Mci JH-24 over a studer but I like studers too, just wouldn't to own one. For multiple reasons.

I mainly do 15 IPS to get more time on my tape and I like the low end feel. I notice when I do a session at 30 IPS that it sounds a little more Hi-Fi. Both speeds sound great for different reasons.

I did a video a while back where I recorded drums using 10 mic’s & 10 pre’s tracked to my Mci-JH-24.

The drums tracked below were done at 15 IPS,
You’ve motivated me to get started on my JH16. My console and preamps are transformerless so I chose to get the transformer love through the deck. This thread is no different from what I read when I was looking for a deck. It’s all reinforcement I made the right decision. My reasoning is that the later Studer’s and Otari’s are what digital offers now and if you want that analog tape sound then the older decks are the way to go. I had read several times that even the JH24’s are so close to digital it’s hard to tell them apart in a blind listening test. In 2019 if I want that I go digital. If I want tape, then Ampex mm1200, MCI JH16 or JH24, or a Studer A800. Oh, and the 3M M79. Too many people who’ve heard them all say Studer for reliability and MCI for Sonics. Also, if you go to Chris Mara’s website and watch his video on why he chose MCI’s, it becomes even more clear they are the wise choice. MCI used off the shelf parts. Studer manufactured their own parts. You can still get MCI parts from Mouser if you know what your looking for. Studer parts come from Studer and are in limited numbers. Hopefully their reputation of not breaking doesn’t turn into they break after 40 years and your screwed. Just food for thought.