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I have a JH-24, it's brilliant, the sound is wonderful.

If you don't want to do your own repairs then maybe the Studer would be a better choice, but you'll pay more for Studer parts. If the brain dies on the Studer it could get really expensive.
The Jh-24 is all pretty basic electronics with readily available parts.
I love recording Drums on the Mci JH-24, makes the entire process easy to record and mix. As tape has a bit of compression and eq. The JH-24 has a sound that’s great for Rock n Roll!

Studers imo have a cleaner more polished sound that’s a bit more Hi-Fi. They sound great.

Personally I rather own an Mci JH-24 over a studer but I like studers too, just wouldn't to own one. For multiple reasons.

I mainly do 15 IPS to get more time on my tape and I like the low end feel. I notice when I do a session at 30 IPS that it sounds a little more Hi-Fi. Both speeds sound great for different reasons.

I did a video a while back where I recorded drums using 10 mic’s & 10 pre’s tracked to my Mci-JH-24.

The drums tracked below were done at 15 IPS,