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Old 21st May 2019
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Just thought I'd do a quick 'chime in' here.

Lots of varied comments about the RD-909 soundset after the Superbooth Demos. Majority are definitely positive. Some have commented on Kick and Clap needing work.

Just FYI though you have to bear in mind there is a transient shaper (compressor) on the RD mixbus, this was left on in many demos. So of course it will impact the transient response of the drum sounds depending on it's settings, as you would expect you can get percussive, shorter decay response. Or you can pump up the sustain to get the bigger longer sound. Or just outright saturation if pushed hard and that is the sound you want.

We of course pay a lot of attention to everyone's feedback but I think some people may have not taken into account the onboard Wave Shaper and how varied you can get the transients with it. Definitely fun to play with

That being said as Uli pointed out it is not yet the finished article, it is close, but more work is being done....