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Old 21st May 2019
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I have never owned "the real thing" but I do have SeventhCircleAudio's 4x N72, 4x A12, SoundSkulptor's 2x MP5.73, 2x EQ5.74, 2x MP5.66, CAPI 2x VP28 and I have 2x TheDonClassics MP+EQ1073 on my bench (YannLu will be next to add).

There's subtle differences between all those preamps with the SCA Neve's being my favorites - must be because they were my first "good" preamps about 10 years ago and I know them really well.

For API flavour I tend to reach for the VP28 before the A12's but that's not a scientific choice by any means.

They're all really good - you'll make great sounding records with either of those. Reason to choose could be that the SS and AML ones are easier/cheaper to get in Europe, the SCA stuff is easier in the States.